is a consulting agency specialising in Finnish well-being and sauna culture.


We help companies, associations and public organisations with well-being, design and commercialisation projects. We are a unique combination of deep knowledge of the sauna and wellness industry, commercial know-how and brand design.


We create new concepts and renew old ones. We consult versatilely in various projects related to service experience, productisation and commercialisation.


Thanks to our comprehensive and versatile networks, we can supplement resources in various ways for various projects.


We believe in sustainability and timelessness and want to cherish the principles of connection with nature, empathy and a balanced life. We aim to support Finland’s position as the world’s leading sustainable development country.


We have worked versatilely in various concept renewal and commercialisation projects as well as in projects related to retail. Our customers include Flamingo Spa, Sahanlahti Resort, Ruohonjuuri and Business Finland. Ask us for more information!

Business Finland


We helped Business Finland by creating an umbrella concept of Finnish well-being that supports the sauna and well-being industry to succeed in the international market.




We started cooperation with Ruohonjuuri at the beginning of 2022. We have been involved in renewing both the assortment and the store concept and have created, e.g. Sauna Therapy curated by the Terhen campaign concept.


Flamingo Spa for adults


We have been involved in renewing the adult spa concept and content services for Flamingo Spa.  The project also included training the entire staff.


Sahalahti Resort


We have designed a new service concept for Sahanlahti Resort and related sauna content services. The project also includes consulting and conceptualisation of new facilities and marketing communications.

Our current clients include: