A caring cabbage wrap

helps especially with swelling, inflammation and joint pain.


Cabbage is very cleansing – it removes fluids and releases potassium into the body.

You can use cabbage leaves on the inflamed area of the skin to remove swelling and pain.

Health effects of cabbage

Cabbage is known for its health effects and sauerkraut in particular is known to treat the intestines. Cabbage is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, quercetin, enzymes, glutamine, amino acids and vitamin B-12. In addition to being healthy internally, cabbage has been used throughout the ages externally, although the exact ways it works are not known.


Cabbage in folk medicine

Cabbage leaf wraps are a familiar home remedy for nursing mothers in the treatment of blocked milk ducts or breast inflammation. In folk healing, the use of cabbage leaves has been familiar for hundreds of years. Cabbage has been used to treat such ailments as excess weight, headaches, inflammation and pain. Although cabbage has traditionally been used for inflammation internally, the fastest way to ease pain is to make a cabbage wrap. Cabbage wrap is an easy and inexpensive home remedy to relieve inflammation, pain or swelling. In folk healing, cabbage wraps have been used for inflamed varicose veins, breast inflammation and arthritis, for example.


Heal with cabbage

Cabbage wraps can be made anytime, anywhere and are a natural alleviator of inflammation and pain. I recommend cabbage wraps as part of every self-care toolkit. Cabbage is also a great ingredient when you do an herbal wrap massage in the sauna. When preparing the wrappers, you can also benefit from eating the cabbage and thus enhance the effects of the treatment.


Preparing cabbage wrappers

You can either cool the cabbage in the fridge or make it a bit more flexible by dipping in a pan of hot water before making the wrap, depending on the use and your own preference. Many use the cabbage as is.


Use the outermost, green leaves of the cabbage. Cover a cutting board with plastic wrap, place the leaves on top of the film and break the surface of the leaves with a rolling pin or fork. The purpose is to make the cabbage liquids drain out of the leaves.


Place the cabbage leaves on bare skin, in the area to be treated. Cover the cabbage leaves with plastic and tie the wrapper with gauze, for example.


Let the wrap work in peace, for as long as possible, even overnight.

Cabbage greetings,