Help for couperotic skin from fermentation?

couperotic skin

Couperose is typical for those who have thin and sensitive skin. Couperotic skin reddens due to the expansion of superficial blood vessels. Couperose appears on thin areas of the skin, cheeks and nose in the form of red streaks or redness. The predisposition to couperosa is often hereditary. The skin reacts easily to external and internal stimuli such as the sun, cold air, wind, hot food, alcohol, stress, as well as the wrong kind of products and skin care. Age can predispose the skin to redness, because with age the skin becomes dry. Couperose cannot be cured, but symptoms and progression can be controlled. If couperotic skin is left untreated, it can progress to rosacea, in which case, in addition to redness, wet pimples will also appear on the skin.

Gentleness and quality products for couperose skin

You should rather invest in a truly functional and simple skincare routines than ten mediocre or low-quality products that you’ll do absolutely nothing with. Make sure you take care of your skin with the right kind of products. You don’t have to give up outdoor activities, the sun and the sauna, but you need to protect your skin. Avoid large temperature fluctuations, as well as tobacco, alcohol and strongly flavored foods.

Fermentation and couperotic skin

Couperose skin needs pure natural oils and moisturizing ingredients to balance the skin’s protective layer. But this alone is not enough, it is important how the raw materials are processed and in what quantity high-quality raw materials are used in the product.


Fermentation, i.e. lactic acid fermentation, produces a pH balance that is naturally suitable for the skin. In fermentation, the raw material molecules are broken down into a smaller form, allowing the skin to make better use of the active ingredients. The end product naturally produces new compounds such as amino acids, short-chain fatty acids, peptides, vitamins, probiotics, postbiotics, as well as flavonoids and antioxidants that provide protection for skin. This strengthens the microbial balance and protective layer of the skin. For this reason, fermented products are great for sensitive skin, eczema, couperose, acne, psoriasis, as well as to prevent premature skin aging.

Terhen use only a high-quality skin care products in the treatments. Brand called Circulove has perfect range of products suitable for couperotic and sensitive skin. They are 100 % fermented and have an optimal raw material composition. The product line is also available in Terhen’s online store.

Skin care routines at home


Cleansing the skin with the right cleanser is important. The natural oils produced by our skin protects, but it is often washed off with products that are too strong. For this reason, you should give preference to certified natural cosmetics that supports the skin’s natural oils. People with sensitive skin should also avoid alcohol-containing toners and coarse-grained scrubs. Also, avoid too hot or cold water when washing your face.


A gentle cleanser for sensitive skin is Circulove Micellar Treatment Fluid. It’s an easy-to-use spray bottle!



The main thing in the treatment of couperose is to soothe, moisturize and strengthen the skin. Well-moisturized skin protects other layers of the skin.


A serum or face cream brings water-based hydration to the skin – as well as oils in most cases. Face oil, on the other hand, helps keep the skin moisturized, preventing the evaporation of water moisture. Thus, these two products play a slightly different role in moisturizing the skin and therefore do not directly replace each other. However, each skin needs are individual: one person’s skin needs more moisture (oils) while the other needs water hydration (creams and serums).


For sensitive skin, try the fermented Circulove soothing serum and face oil made from high-quality natural oils. You can use these perfectly on a daily basis. The best way to improve your skin condition is a regular, gentle facial massage!



A moisturizer with physical sunscreen is an indispensable addition to sensitive skin.

In the sauna, it is a good idea to apply a heavy layer of moisturizing serum to the face or protect the face with a damp, cool towel. The best protection from cold and wind is simple, a hood on the head and a scarf to protect the face. Makeup also protects the skin. Make sure that the day cream has an SPF even in winter. For example, try Circulove Day Cream, which contains an SPF of 20.

Checklist for couperose skin

  • Fermentation strengthens the microbial balance and protective layer of the skin. For this reason, fermented products are great for couperotic skin
  • Avoid temperature changes (cold-hot) as much as possible and remember skin protection!
  • Regularly use moisturizing serums and face oils. Regular daily use of fermented serum and face oil helps to improve skin function and eases the irritations.
  • Gently cleanse the skin and use natural cleansing products. Avoid using products that are too strong.
  • Use moisturizing day creams made for sensitive skin. Always remember sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor of 20
  • Spicy foods, wheat, dairy products and sugar products irritate the skin and cause redness. So try to avoid these.


Expert: Circulove beautician