Did you know that conifers such as spruce, pine and juniper are good for our respiratory tract and support immune system as well?

Health from conifers!

Did you know that conifers such as spruce, pine and juniper are good for our respiratory tract and support immune system as well? Spending time in the forest is health act in itself, but you can enhance the effects by making conifers a versatile part of your urban everyday life. They are evergreen and that’s why you can forage them fresh all year round!


Conifers can be used as an essential oil, or part of lotions and extracts. Also brewed conifers can be used in baths, poultices, wraps and as a tea. Juniper branches also work especially well as a whisk, as juniper activate surface blood circulation. Pine, spruce and juniper are also suitable for seasoning dishes and drinks.

Essential oils make everyday life easier!

One of the easiest ways to use conifers in everyday life are pure essential oils. They affect us inhaled or absorbed from the skin through the bloodstream, both on a physical and mental level. Essential coniferous oils can be used by scenting them or use them in a diffuser. For external use essential oils should be diluted locally on the skin or added to massage oil or creams, for example.


Conifers all have similar effects, they cleanse the respiratory tract as well as release mucus, therefore they are especially suitable for supporting the functioning of the respiratory system.

Coniferous essential oils are also said to soothe and ground the mind, as well as have a mood-boosting and empowering effect. All of them also has their own special features and by experimenting you can find the one that suits you best. You can vary the oils depending on what affects you hope to achieve.


Pine essential oil is said to strengthen and energize the body and mind, enhance concentration and relax. Pine also opens the respiratory tract and supports the functioning of the respiratory system with it, it is cleansing, mucus-releasing and strongly antiseptic.

The essential oil can be used in a diffuser or steam-inhaled by adding it, for example, to sauna water. Pine oil contains molecules that opens lymphatic circulation and soothe pain. Mixed with massage oil, pine pampers and relaxes tight muscles and stimulates metabolism.


Spruce essential oil is an excellent adaptogen, it´s believed that it calms the nervous system, relieves stress, irritation and chronic fatigue. Spruce also soothes the pain. 

In skin care, spruce oil is beneficial for dry skin. You can add it to a base cream or oil suitable for massage. When used in massage it warms and relaxes tired muscles. Also try spruce in bath water, poultices or wraps.


When juniper is used as an aromatherapy, it soothes and cleanses the mind. It is said to invigorate and strength the body and relieve muscle and joint pain. Juniper essential oils also support the digestive system and help the flow of fluids in the body. Juniper oil is believed to have a strong cleansing and protective features, it can be used for cleaning the premises from negative energies.

In skin care, juniper oil has been used to cleanse oily and pimple skin. Enjoy the relaxing effects of juniper in massage oils, bath waters, poultices and wraps. When steam-inhaled or used in a diffuser, juniper also helps to fall asleep easier.

Please note!

Conifers are not suitable if you suffer from a resin allergy, lung problems or asthma. These are also not recommended to use while pregnant or if you have kidney disease.

In Finland trees are not part of everyman’s rights, so you need to have the permission of the landowner to foraging them. The exception is juniper berries, which you are allowed to pick without permission.