Photography Katri Kapanen

Make your sauna time even better

5 tips on how you can treat yourself with a sauna and a wonderful coffee body peeling guide.

Now is the time to enjoy the sauna 

Most of us now have time to enjoy a sauna and its healing effects. The sauna brings comfort and security in constant change. Having a sauna is a gentle way to take care of yourself and your own well-being. In addition to relaxing, bringing comfort and care, it also increases happiness. People who sauna often, feel happier on average than those who don’t sauna as often. This is a very good reason to sauna! 


5 tips on how to treat yourself with a sauna



You can really visit the sauna every day, and the health benefits become more effective with each sauna. And – the more often you sauna, the faster your nervous system learns these relaxing routines. Sauna only when it feels good, take breaks and listen to your body. 



Lifting your legs onto the wall towards the heat of the steam is an effective way to support the heart. In the sauna, your blood pressure drops and for that reason you can easily feel unwell. In this feet-up position, blood circulation in the brain and upper body improves and saunaing becomes much more pleasant. 



Water is very healing and cleansing both internally and externally. Only by increasing the intake of water can we improve the well-being of the whole body. Start your water intake well in advance of taking a sauna. Drink after the sauna as well! It is also good to remember to wash yourself before going to the steam room. Washing up is a moment where you wash away the dirt and worries of the day and calm down to enjoy a sauna. Clean skin can also be better purified as your metabolism speeds up. So remember to drink a lot of water and always wash before having a sauna. 



In the sauna, cleaning is enhanced by salt. Salt effectively removes waste products and acidity from the body. Suitable salt is, for example, ordinary sea salt. You can add salt to the foot bath, do different exfoliations or you can rub it all over your body. Water and salt together effectively remove acidity from the body. The use of salt also revives the skin’s natural moisture balance. 



In the summer, it is easy to take advantage of nature’s products in the sauna, but you can also find a lot of healing ingredients in your cupboard. In addition to salt, you can make easy peels from sugar, honey or even coffee grounds. 


Coffee peeling

Coffee has several health benefits and can also be used externally for beauty treatments. A body peel with coffee is believed to reduce cellulite: caffeine in coffee accelerates fat burning, which in turn reduces cellulite. The natural antioxidants in coffee slow down cell aging and in doing so, fight the signs of aging. Use either used or unused coffee powder for the body peel. If you wish, you can combine coconut oil, honey or sugar with the treatment. If you want to enhance the cellulite-removing effect of coffee, use fresh, unused coffee powder. 


Treatment process 

Heat the sauna and wash as usual. 

Warm up well in the heat of the sauna and rinse the sweat from the skin. 

Peel the whole body with coffee grounds in a rotating, bottom-up motion. 

If you want to remove cellulite, leave the coffee grounds in the area to be treated. 

You can wrap the area to be treated in plastic wrap and leave the coffee on for about 15 minutes in the mild heat of the sauna. 

Wash with warm water. 

Exfoliates dead skin cells. Accelerates superficial blood circulation. Eliminates cellulite. Softens and smoothes the skin. 


Wishing you enjoyable sauna moments! 


Terhi Ruutu is a Helsinki-based sauna therapist, founder of Terhen sauna community and author of the book SAUNA THERAPY Recipes for well-being.