The bridal sauna is traditionally accompanied by various rituals,
magic and love spells.

Modern bridal sauna

Summer is known to be a time for wedding parties. When planning a bachelorette party, the idea of arranging a bridal sauna may come up. The bridal sauna is traditionally accompanied by various rituals, magic and love spells. However, many traditional rituals highlight themes that are no longer so relevant to everyone today. The main thing is to arrange a memorable experience that suites for the bride, in which the creation of new rituals is allowed. What matters most is the time spent together and the created atmosphere.



It is easy to find ingredients for treatments for example from home cabinets. Salt, honey, soda and oatmeal work well in peels and masks. Different plants can be added, either dried or fresh, to enhance the effects and bring symbolism and mystique to the treatments. Especially in the summer, there are plenty of supplies for sauna treatments directly from nature. Many wild plants, garden herbs and flowers are wonderfully suitable for various baths, scrubs and masks. However, it is important to identify the plants that you intend to use and to be aware of their potential allergens and other restrictions related to use and picking.



The various baths and body scrubs are perfect for pampering the bride, and they are also easy to implement even for a larger group. The main theme in treatments could be traditional birch, which is perceived as feminine wood. In the old days, women asked birch trees for blessings and protection for both having a child and marriage. A wreath made of birch crowns the bride’s sauna session and is wonderfully solemn and versatile. The wreath can be dried and used later, for example, by steeped in bath water.

The best thing would be for everyone to feel good and restful after the sauna, and the event should never feel like a performance. It is good to reserve plenty of time for the sauna session and pick up ready-made and easy instructions on treatments and rituals. There are also sauna hosts available in Finland and one option could be to outsource this tradition so the whole group can enjoy the event without the hecticness of the arrangements.



Birch foot bath – cleansing and feminine

Steep 2 handfuls of birch leaves or 6 g of dried birch in hot water for 15 minutes. The water needs to be hot, but not boiling. Let the leaves  steep in the same manner as tea.

Pour hot water into the foot bath basin and add 1-2 dl of sea salt. Strain the steeped birch leaves into the foot bath. Yu can docorate the bath with a few birch leaves and fireweed flowers, if you want.

Enjoy the foot bath for about 20 minutes.


TIP! The water in the foot baths can also be cold, this helps to stay in the sauna for longer continuously.


Peeling salt-honey treatment – Relaxing and pampering

Prepare the salt-honey mixture well in advance. Mix 1 dl of pure, liquid honey and 0,5 dl of fine salt until smooth. If you wish, add fresh or dried birch as well.

Heat up the sauna to 60–80 °C

Cover the sauna benches with linen cloths or similar.

Wash before going into the sauna.

Warm your body up in the sauna steam for at least 10 min to allow the skin pores to open.

Rinse the sweat from your skin.

Apply the salt-honey mixture first to the joints to allow the slag substances to move. Finally, peel your entire skin in a circular motion in the heat of the sauna.

Let the salt-honey mixture take effect for at least 10 minutes

Wash off with warm water.



More tips

More tips for sauna treatments and information about plants suitable for the sauna can be found in Sauna Therapy book (Hoitava sauna /Tammi), author Terhi Ruutu.



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