It's time to wrap up the past year and welcome the new one!

dear member of terhen sauna community

First of all, thank you for being part of our community. Since the year has just changed, I thought I’d share some news. Last year was rewarding and eventful. During 2022, we organized almost 50 sauna events, consulted on various wellness projects and specialized in sauna well-being content services.

The Sauna community already has almost 700 members

Our sauna community was established on 9/2020 in Helsinki, at VALO hotel&work‘s rooftop sauna. There, our small group of friends decided that Terhen needed it’s own community, through which as many people as possible could discover sauna and thereby increase the feeling of well-being and joy of life. Several active sauna groups have been born at our events since then. Currently, our sauna community has more than 680 members and our number is growing steadily.

Dream Sauna Spa survey

One of our goals is to open a Terhen Sauna Spa in the capital region in Finland. At the Sauna Spa, we want to serve even better and more holistically, and also offer individual treatments. In the fall of 2022, we conducted an extensive survey of you members, which would be your “Dream Sauna Spa”. We received more than 120 answers and a lot of valuable information, thanks to everyone who answered! These answers have indeed been read. The future sauna spa will be an experimental place where, in addition to sauna, everyone can enjoy pools, treatments and pampering.
We are currently looking for a suitable location for the sauna spa.

Terhen at Finnish Sauna Society

Starting in September 2022, we have been doing weekly sauna treatments at the Finnish Sauna Society. The Finnish Sauna Society is a private club with thousands of members. We do treatments two days a week and the feedback to the treatments has been very good. At the sauna club, we offer e.g. washing massage, full body scrubs and cooling head massage. We will also offer these same treatments in our future sauna spa.

New! Terhen Bather training

Since there are only two people in our core team, myself and my colleague Anna Velten, we have decided to train more staff. We will start the first Terhen Bather training with a small group on 02/2023. The purpose is to get more bathers and organizers for our events in the team.
If you are interested in nature, saunas, and well-being and would even like to make a career out of this, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about our training plans.

The first Sauna Therapy online course launched!

I did the first online course of my life in fall 2022 for Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. The course is a continuation for my Sauna Therapy book. The course is about 2,5 hours long and is suitable for everyone interested in sauna and well-being. You will also get new sauna treatment recipes! You can access the course here.
I’m sorry, the course is only in Finnish.

2023 open sauna events

During 2023, we will organize five open sauna events in Villa Vuosanta. The events are Winter sauna January 31, Spring Sauna April 25, Midsummer sauna, Autumn sauna and Christmas sauna. During the events, you can enjoy the sauna treatments of the season.
Anyone can buy tickets for these events for €70/person.

Sauna treatments according to the season

Since sauna bathing goes hand in hand with the cycle of nature and the seasons, our sauna treatments also draw from the seasons. The cycle of nature and the seasons, our sauna treatments also draw from the seasons. The sauna treatments at our events change 4 times a year.
In winter, we focus on exchange heat treatments and self-reflection. In the spring we enjoy cleansing and in the summer the abundance of nature. In autumn, we strengthen our immunity. With sauna treatments, you can support your body’s well-being all year round.

Design From Finland mark

We are proud to announce that 2022 our textile products and events services have been awarded with the Design from Finland mark. Read more

Events for groups in different saunas

We organize sauna events for groups at the saunas of our partners. Our events include, for example, Bathe like a Finn and Sauna Therapy events. If you are interested in the event for your own group, please contact:
Our partners are, for example, Uusi Sauna, Villa Vuosanta, Hotelli Rantapuisto, VALO hotel&work, RUNO hotel Porvoo, Viilatehdas and Palsta Kirkkonummi.
In addition, we organize various sauna retreats and trips a few times a year.
Psst. You can always advise us about new interesting sauna destinations!

Who the events are for

Our events are suitable for all basic healthy people. We organize both unisex events and events for women only. Our events always have a safe atmosphere and it is very important to us that everyone is welcome as they are.
We also have experience with first-time sauna users. 

Ruohonjuuri collaboration

We started cooperation with Finnish ecological retail chain, Ruohonjuuri, at the beginning of 2022. We were e.g. involved in renewing the store concept and created the “Sauna Therapy by Terhen” campaign concept. 
Read more

Terhen agency - Consulting projects

Since the background of our expertise is in concept work, marketing and operational management, we have wanted to share this expertise with others as well. During the past years, we have helped in various projects, e.g. Flamingo Span Aikuisten Kylpylä, Sahanlahti Resort, Ruohonjuuri and Business Finland. We continue this work with great heart, along with sauna experiences.

The Finnish sauna culture is of interest globally

Many of you members have attended our events, but also international journalists, travelers and sauna fans from around the world. Saunas are clearly also of interest outside of Finland. We do this work for the love of sauna, but also ambitiously. We strongly believe in the commercial potential of Finnish sauna culture.

International attention

During the year, we gained visibility especially in the Japanese media. Terhen was also featured in the ICON 210 Winter issue, December 2022. The whole story on pages 18-19. Read more

Growth and international markets

It has been clear to us from the beginning that we are building an international and scalable concept. We are currently making Terhen concept a licensable service model for both the domestic and international markets. 

May the year 2023 bring a lot of new and wonderful things

We start the new year enthusiastic and full of energy. In addition to Sauna Spa, our plans include product development, education, training, the launch of a license model and the first steps towards the international markets.
If you have wishes, development ideas or just any greetings, you can always send us a message at or approach us via social media. Terhen ig and fb @terhensauna

thank you!

Thank you for reading my long post, I hope it inspired you to enjoy saunas and pampering yourself in the coming year!


Thank you for being with us on this great journey!


See you at the sauna,


Terhi Ruutu