age-old well-being from finland.

Terhen was born from the passion to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive and to bring natural well-being to people’s everyday lives around the world.


For centuries, the Finnish sauna has created a foundation for well-being and everyday balance. This is what has perhaps led to making Finland the nation with the happiest people in the world already for the fourth time. Enjoying a sauna is holistic, preventing and vitalizing self-care. 


Although traditions provide a foundation and the roots to build from, they still need to be nurtured, implemented and renewed to suit the current times. Terhen is based on a deep respect for the traditional Finnish health practices. We believe in a person as the unity of mind, body and spirit – and in the healing power of beauty. Terhen cherishes this balance and all sauna-related experiences.


The origin of the name Terhen comes from the Finnish Kalevala epic poem, where Udutar, or Terhenneiti, is the Maiden of Mist.


In ancient religion, terhen meant mist, haze or fog. In Kalevala, Terhenneiti was the keeper of mist and the goddess of oblivion and enchantment. Distant and longing, she sifts through the mist as it rises.

Bathe like a finn.

The sauna has an exceptional place in Finnish culture. Taking a sauna has been integral to Finnish relaxation, togetherness and well-being.


Traditions provide a cultural base and roots to lean on, but they must be nurtured, applied and renewed to suit each time. Terhen is based on a deep respect for Finnish traditions that have a health effect. We still believe in a person as a whole of mind, body and soul and the healing power of beauty. Terhen cherishes this balance and experiences related to a sauna.


The Finnish sauna tradition belongs to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

Suomalaiset saunahoidot ovat osa kulttuuria.

Terhi Ruutu founded Terhen in 2021. Terhi has a background in international marketing and concept design. She is also a trained sauna therapist, masseuse and writer.


Terhen concept is based on Terhi’s Sauna therapy – recipes for well-being -book, Tammi/2021.


“While studying sauna therapy, I realized how great the possibilities are for us to use the sauna as a ritual that increases our well-being and balances our everyday life”.