Terhen was born from the passion to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive and to bring natural well-being to people’s everyday lives around the world.


For centuries, the Finnish sauna has created a foundation for well-being and everyday balance. This is what has perhaps led to making Finland the nation with the happiest people in the world already for the fourth time. Enjoying a sauna is holistic, preventing and vitalizing self-care. 


Although traditions provide a foundation and the roots to build from, they still need to be nurtured, implemented and renewed to suit the current times. Terhen is based on a deep respect for the traditional Finnish health practices. We believe in a person as the unity of mind, body and spirit – and in the healing power of beauty. Terhen cherishes this balance and all sauna-related experiences.


The origin of the name Terhen comes from the Finnish Kalevala epic poem, where Udutar, or Terhenneiti, is the Maiden of Mist.


In ancient religion, terhen meant mist, haze or fog. In Kalevala, Terhenneiti was the keeper of mist and the goddess of oblivion and enchantment. Distant and longing, she sifts through the mist as it rises.

Finnish sauna culture

The sauna has a very special place in Finnish culture. Taking a sauna has been an integral part of Finnish relaxation, togetherness and well-being. 

The unwritten rules include enjoying sauna with your family on Saturdays, with the neighbors after an outing on Wednesdays, with a large group for the long Midsummer Eve, with your friends at their cottages in summer and with relatives – earnestly and festively – on Christmas. The sauna is not only a place for washing. It is also the spot for having conversations or enjoying the silence and peace of mind. It comes naturally for Finns to deal with large and difficult issues in the sauna, as it is perceived as being a safe place, where the curtain falls and everyone is equal.

For our ancestors, the sauna was a sacred place. Even today, mysticism is associated with the sauna. Throughout the ages, the Finns have also cared for their health in the sauna. Our ancestors drew well-being from the sauna in many ways. The people of old possessed true wisdom – in the light of current knowledge, the sauna really does promote good health. The sauna relaxes the heart and reduces stress. When our autonomic nervous system relaxes in the steam’s heat, also our mind calms down. At best, taking a sauna can be a meditative experience.

According to research, those who enjoy a sauna several times a week feel happier than those who rarely take a sauna. The sauna is an integral part of the mental landscape of the happiest people in the world.


In 2020, sauna culture in Finland was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Terhen wants to nurture and preserve this valuable living cultural heritage as part of a good life and holistic well-being – and to make sauna a part of the lives of more and more people around the world.