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02 Herbal Bath


Well-being from pure Finnish nature


1 x 10 g


These herbs, collected from Finnish nature, nourish and pamper the body. A bath made from nettle, yarrow and lemon balm has a refreshing effect, and the herbal aroma helps calm the mind. Made from 100% Finnish herbs.

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Ingredients: Nettle, yarrow and lemon balm

Producer: Nystad Sauna Company Oy

Country of origin: Finland

You can use the product 2–3 times.

The product is biodegradable.

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User instructions

Place the herbal ball in hot water in a wash basin or tub and let soak for about 20 minutes. Prepare your own bath or wash water at a comfortable temperature. You can apply the herbal bath to your skin with a sponge, for example. The herbal bath is ideal to use during or after a sauna. You do not need to use soap. Rinsing yourself with water is sufficient after the bath. Squeeze any excess water from the herbal ball and let it dry. The product is biodegradable. You can use the same ball 2–3 times.

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