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Bathe like a Finn

Price from 390 €

Time: Mon-Thu

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Jollaksen kartano

Note. The event can also be held elsewhere. Ask more at info@terhen.fi


“Bathe like a Finn”

During the event, you will learn to understand the deepest essence of Finnish sauna culture. Sauna without rules and listening to yourself, a safely guided experience all the way through. In connection with sauna, our trained sauna therapist tells us about the special features of Finnish sauna, the health benefits and our treatment traditions. During the event, you will learn how to treat yourself with a sauna like a Finn.


Whisking is one of the oldest sauna treatments and has been an important part of washing, self-care and various rites. In general, it can be said that whisking cleanses, stimulates blood circulation and activates the body’s own healing mechanisms – and, of course, gives the sauna a great smell.



Two-hour private sauna shift

Possibility to swim in the ocean, cold water swimming in winter

Guidance given by a Sauna Therapist

Guided Whisking

Towels, seat covers

Steam scent

Shampoos and shower soaps

Fermented skin care products

Herbal tea and snacks


Including 6 people, additional people +60€ / person, max 10 people



Energy brushing, washing massage and therapeutic whisking.

á 25 € / 15 min

As a treatment package 70 € / person, duration 45 min

A great addition to pampering a bride, for example, or for a birthday hero.


Book your event: info@terhen.fi or call +358 40 184 8803



No later than 14 working days before we charge a € 50 processing fee.

7-3 business days before we charge 50% of the event price.

1-2 days before we charge 100% of the event price.

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