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Christmas sauna 5.12.23 Unisex



The body, mind and soul relaxes in the Christmas sauna. During the evening, we take a relaxing sauna trip to the world of traditional treatments. You can enjoy e.g. from the smell of birch whisk and peat treatments. You will also get ideas for your own Christmas sauna and easy home treatments.

The Christmas sauna is an old Finnish tradition and it belongs to almost every one of our Christmas celebrations. Various beliefs and customs are traditionally associated with the Christmas sauna, such as taking a sauna in silence so that mosquitoes will not strike in the coming summer and leaving the sauna warm so that the elves can take a sauna after the household. Straw has also been left on the sauna benches as a cushion for the gnomes and a linen towel has been used to bring the harvest to next summer’s linen fields.

Tuesday 5 December 2023 at 18:00-20:00. Arrival from 17:45.

UUSI SAUNA. Uusi Sauna updates the traditional block sauna for the 21st century. It is a combination of a public sauna and a restaurant, where you can come and enjoy the atmosphere, even if you don’t take a sauna. The sauna is centrally located, in Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari.
Address: Jätkäsaari, Välimerenkatu 10, 00220 Helsinki

 Note! The event is unisex and suitable for everyone.


Opening ceremony
Personal whisk
Peat face mask
Peat foot bath
Fermented skin care products from Circulove
Closing ceremony
Shampoos and shower soaps
Herbal tea and a small salty snack
Seat cover

We start with a joint tea time and warm foot baths, getting to know the treatments of the Christmas sauna.
We move together to the sauna for the opening ceremony, where we wake up the body and raise the heat.
After that, we chill outside, if the weather is good.
Next, in the heat of the sauna, we do a guided whisking of the whole body.After a short break and snacks, we enjoy peat face masks and cold peat foot baths in complete silence, on the sauna.
The evening’s treatments are completed by the closing ceremony.
The facial skin is finished with Circulove‘s fermented skin care products.
At the end, time is reserved for washing, skin care and shopping.

A bathrobe, shower sandals, a drinking bottle and something comfortable to wear after the event.

Start rehydrating early in the day and drink more water than usual. Before the start of the event, it’s a good to go to the bathroom and, for example, wash off your make-up. It’s a good to reserve a moment for this before the start of the event.

Terhi Ruutu is the founder of Terhen Oy, a trained masseuse, sauna therapist and the author of the book Sauna Therapy – recipes for well-being.
Anna Velten is Terhen’s wild herb expert and a planter devoted to traditional sauna rituals. Under Anna’s guidance, you will get to know the combined effects of nature and the sauna.

The event will be held in Finnish and interpreted into English if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact info@terhen.fi

The event is organized if there are at least 10 participants. If the event has to be cancelled, the money will be returned. A maximum of 15 people will be admitted to the event.

There is no exchange or return right for ticket products. The ticket can be transferred to another person without separate notification.

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