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Nordkraut fermentation evening 13.10.


Nordkraut X Terhen

At Nordkraut’s fermentation evening at Terhen’s office in Töölö, we will learn about the principles of lactic acid fermentation and dive into the world of live bacteria that pamper the stomach. During the evening, each participant prepares their own live sauerkraut – a dish, ingredients and snacks are included in the workshop price. The tuition package will be delivered electronically to each participant after the event.


The workshop lasts about 2 hours and a maximum of 10 participants will be admitted.

Directed by Susanna Vento, Nordkraut

The address is: Eino Leinon katu 4, 00250 Helsinki. Terhe’s office, street level.
Come on time!

Nordkraut is naturally fermented, gut loving, living food.

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