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Wash basin


Foot baths

Our feet carry the weight of our body and experience strain from time to time. A foot bath can pamper tired and sore feet. It can help with swelling, varicose veins, blood circulation disorders and various types of calluses. A foot bath enhances body cleansing and helps muscles recover from heavy exercise. It also purifies the whole body from toxins and enhances the sauna’s cleansing and healing effect.


You can intensify the treatment for tired feet by just alternating cold and hot water or by adding salt to the warm water. In addition to salt, you can add other healing ingredients, such as honey, cold-pressed olive oil and various herbs.


You can find more on foot baths in the book Sauna Therapy – recipes for well-being.

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Diameter: 41 cm

Capacity: 7 liters

Manufacturer: Opa Muurikka


The beautiful wash basin made of stainless steel is easy to keep clean. The spacious basin is ideal for foot baths.

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