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Winter sauna 31.1.


Welcome to Villa Vuosanta to enjoy the heat of the sauna and winter season sauna treatments!

Winter is a time of grounding and self-care. In winter, our body gets stiffer and our metabolism slows down. In the winter sauna, we pamper the body, mind and soul with a honey oat wash, a honey peat face mask and a therapeutic whisking. Sauna with moody lighting, linen on the benches, Midsummer’s birch breeze in the sauna and enjoy the silence. At the same time, you pamper yourself with traditional and cleansing sauna treatments. During the event, you will also learn a lot about saunas, our treatment tradition, the health benefits of saunas and how you can take care of yourself comprehensively by taking saunas.


Honey oat wash

Honey peat face mask

Therapeutic whisking

All treatments are done in the heat of the sauna. At the event, Terhen’s trained Sauna Therapist will be on site to guide the evening’s treatments. In connection with the sauna, you can get to know Terhen’s products and test the 100% fermented, natural skin care products of the Finnish Circulove brand.


The unisex winter sauna is suitable for everyone interested in sauna and well-being.

LOCATION Villa Vuosanta, Rantasauna, Hallkullanniemi 8, 00990 Helsinki

Villa Vuosanta is a uniquely romantic Art Nouveau villa designed by Eliel Saarinen, located in the maritime environment of Helsinki’s Vuosaari. On the beach of the villa, there is a beautiful beach sauna that has just been renovated, which is connected to a pool and a barbecue canopy. Possibility of swimming.


Sauna, seat covers, guidance, tea and a small salty snack, three different sauna treatments during the evening and skin care products.

You can bring shower sandals, swimming trunks and a bathrobe if you wish.

The event will be organized if there are at least 8 participants. The maximum number of participants is 15. If the event cannot be organized, the money will be returned.

CANCELLATION TERMS There is no exchange or return right for ticket products. The ticket can be transferred to another person without separate notification. Private events according to offers.

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