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Women’s sauna retreat in Frantsila COMING IN SPRING 2024


How would a weekend of your own time at Frantsila’s organic herb farm sound? Or a historic smoke sauna in the middle of Koskela’s museum milieu?

A journey to the sacred sauna retreat is a magical trip to Frantsila‘s organic herb farm and a dive into the Finnish tradition of sauna treatment.

This retreat is a magical sauna trip to timelessness and your inner self. It is an opportunity to calm down and pamper your body and mind. The retreat is also a unique opportunity to experience age-old sauna treatments, get to know Frantsila and experience a touching sauna ritual in Koskela’s 113-year-old smoke sauna.

The charming Frantsila organic herb farm in Hämeenkyrö serves as a retreat place. Frantsila’s wonderful skin care products are at your disposal during the retreat.

“Our operation is based on the overall well-being of nature and people. The latter doesn’t exist without the former, and that’s why it matters what we cultivate—and especially how we cultivate it. Agronomists Virpi Raipala-Cormier and James Cormier started cultivating Frantsila’s fields with organic methods already in the early 1980s. More than 20 wild plants and herbs grow in the clean soil of our fields and gardens. Now the new generation, Jupiter and Valo Cormier, are taking the pioneering work of organic farming forward by following the principles of regenerative farming. We store carbon in the fields using different methods, and this way we ensure that the soil is enriched year by year. Rich soil produces vibrant ecosystems that bind carbon dioxide from the air and at the same time fight climate change.”


On Friday, we start the trip by getting to know Frantsila’s organic herb farm and its diverse nature. We do a guided herbal walk and at the same time we prepare the evening’s sauna treatments. In the evening, we do deep cleansing sauna treatments to shake off the past from our body and mind and prepare it for the weekend.

On Saturday, we start the morning with Virpi’s gentle gymnastics and a quiet morning sauna. After breakfast, we slowly move towards Koskela’s farm. In the historical milieu of Koskela, we deepen our journey by getting to know its unique nature and environment. At the same time, we prepare for the evening’s sauna ceremony. In the evening, when it gets dark, we enjoy a touching sauna ritual in Koskela’s old smoke sauna.

On Sunday, we enjoy a quiet morning sauna and slowly return back to routines.

Preliminary schedule


14-15 Accommodation in Frantsila
15-16 Start of the trip with a Sauna Therapy lecture
17-18 Dinner
18-19 Farm tour and herbal walk with Virpi
19-21  Sauna and sauna treatments (+ hot tub)

7-8 Virpi’s gentle morning gymnastics
8-8:30 Quiet morning sauna moment
8:45-9:45 Nutritious breakfast
10-11 Transfer to Koskela
11:00 Accommodation and farm tour
12:00 Nature trail and orientation to the evening’s sauna treatments
13:30 Lunch
Free time
17:00-20:00 Guided smoke sauna ceremony

7-9 Quiet morning sauna
9-10 Breakfast
10-11 Conclusion and summary of the trip
12 the rooms are cleaned

Bring your own sheets and two towels. If you wish, you can also bring a bathrobe, shower sandals, personal hygiene products and small snacks. Also note weather-appropriate equipment, we will be in nature in any weather.



The price includes:
Accommodation in shared rooms
Sauna: 4 different sauna sessions
Sauna treatments
Frantsila skin care products
Food according to the program

Please note that the price does not include insurance. Please take care of your own insurance.


The price does not include travel expenses, shared transportation from Helsinki to Hämeenkyrö can be arranged.


Terhi Ruutu is the founder of Terhen Oy, a trained masseuse, sauna therapist and the author of the book Sauna Therapy – receipes for wellbeing.

Anna Velten is Terhen’s wild herb expert and devoted to traditional sauna rituals. Under Anna’s guidance, you will get to know the combined effects of nature and the sauna

Virpi Raipala-Cormier is the founder of Frantsila Herb Farm, an educator of herbs and natural treatments, and Frantsila’s product development manager, as well as a meditation and yoga teacher.

The event will be held in Finnish and interpreted into English if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact info@terhen.fi

The event is organized if there are at least 15 participants. If the event has to be cancelled, the money will be returned.


There is no exchange or return right for ticket products. The ticket can be transferred to another person without separate notification.

Private events according to offers.

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