Terhen Helsinki Sauna Academy introduces Finnish sauna culture in a new and modern way. The academy draws on traditions but brings them into modern day as aesthetic and holistic experiences.

Terhen trains the staff of the saunas and wellness services, and also educates various groups interested in the sauna culture on the traditional treatments and health benefits of the sauna. In addition, Terhen offers interested international groups the opportunity to dive into the history of the Finnish sauna, the sauna culture and traditional rituals along with treatments.


Terhen consults and trains sauna and wellness entrepreneurs both on modernizing sauna concepts as well as on comprehensive service and customer experience, productization and commercialization.


The training is targeted to all consumers, sauna entrepreneurs and our sauna industry partner network who are interested in the beneficial effects of the sauna and the sauna experience.


Trainers at the academy include Terhi Ruutu, founder of the Terhen concept, as well as professional sauna masters, trainers and partners.

Terhi Ruutu

Terhi Ruutu is a Helsinki-based sauna therapist, founder of the Terhen Helsinki   brand and author of the book Sauna Therapy – recipes for well-being.


She has long experience from international marketing and branding the iconic Finnish design brand Iittala. Both her own brand, Terhen Helsinki, and the Sauna Therapy – recipes for well-being book, were born out of Terhi’s desire to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive.


Sauna-related health treatments and rituals have been handed down from father to son and mother to daughter in Finland for generations. Terhi aims to bring these well-being traditions into our modern day, globally – and so ever more people can enjoy them.

“While studying sauna therapy, I realized how amazing the opportunities are to use the sauna as a ritual to increase our well-being and balance our daily lives. That’s why I want to bring these traditional health-enhancing treatments to everyone’s daily routines. Although they provide a cultural foundation, these traditions still need to be nurtured, implemented and renewed to be applicable to suit the current times. I believe in the healing power of being connected to nature, multisensory living and beauty. At their best, therapeutic experiences are also aesthetic experiences.”


Community is an integral part of the Finnish sauna culture. That’s why Terhi founded Terhen, a new kind of global sauna community to combine sauna, culture, encounters and conversing – things that create well-being and are worth cherishing.