Relieving rosemary bath

accelerates blood circulation, treats neuralgia, muscle ache and cuts as well as oily hair and scalp.

Rosemary rejuvenates skin and reduces ageing of skin.

Rosemary is a symbol for faithful love.

When the world changes and uncertainty takes over the mind, it is good to hold on to the rituals that increase our wellbeing. At our house, the sauna is heated almost every night. Sauna is not only about sweating and cleaning the body, it is a way to treat and heal oneself. For many, sauna is almost a holy place where we have for centuries prevented and treated illnesses and performed rituals. To me, sauna is about maintaining health and having time for myself. It is about silence and empty space; a moment when everything falls into place and where the everyday challenges fade away.


I want to share with some little things, that to me make sauna moment a beautiful one, and a ritual that heal both body and mind.


Sauna rituals

Repeating rituals help our nerve system to calm down. We can train our body and mind for peace by repeating the routines all over again, whether it is for example meditation – or sauna. The researches show that the health benefits of sauna come up, when you repeat the sauna routine 4-7 times a week. So do spend time in sauna as much as you can! Include your own rituals and teach your body to prepare for a relaxing moment. My routine is putting on my soft bath robe, lighting the candles and running a foot bath.


Aesthetic sauna

Sauna is an aesthetic experience. Create your sauna moment a frame, where you feel good and where all your senses can calm down and relax. Beautiful sauna, the juniper scent, dim lights, silence and clean linen are my favourites for the right ambience.


Treat with sauna

Think of sauna as a nerve relaxing procedure that treats your body and mind. Make each sauna visit a healing moment for yourself, bring in a small treating element each time. It can be a smallest of things, sometimes even a thought is enough. For example a foot bath, facial mask or etheric oils on the sauna stove are easy to do. Remember to keep yourself hydrated with water or mild refreshments. When making treatments in sauna, remember that the sauna temperature can be lower than normally, 60-70 degrees is well enough. My personal treatment favourites during winter time are different herbal treatments, such as baths and wraps. Do try out this energising rosemary foot bath that is a lovely super boost for tired feet!


Remember to dilute essential oils: just a few drops in a bucket of water is enough to give your senses a powerful aroma in a hot sauna. 


Rosemary foot bath

Heat water with few twigs of rosemary in a kettle for around 15 minutes. Pour the water into a foot bath bowl, add hot water and 2 tbs of sea salt. Add a rosemary twig to the bath as a decoration. Enjoy the bath for 20 minutes. You can use also etheric rosemary oil in the bath. Try the bath for the whole body as well! 


Rosemary is a strong herb that accelerates blood circulation and digestion, treats neuralgia, muscle ache, cuts, rash, and even oily hair. It is a symbol for eternal love and it is believed to rejuvenate the skin and reduce ageing of skin.


Rest after sauna

Finally, take a small moment for a rest after sauna and let your body recover. Remember the hydration, preferably with warm drink. Enjoy your skin product rituals (or any other ritual you might have), enjoy the calm that only sauna can create. And don’t worry if you cannot make it to sauna, it is lovely to do baths, facial masks and other treatments even without.


So: take time, create your rituals, treat yourself with sauna and don’t forget to rest.


Sauna regards,