Healing Sauna Retreat

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Start Fri at 3 p.m.
Closing on Sun at 12 p.m.
Sahanlahti resort, Puumala, Finland
from 445 € / person
Includes accommodation in two-person rooms, program meals, sauna and sauna treatments. Bed linens, towels and bathrobes.
Group size 8-10 people

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For whom?

This particular retreat is ideal for anyone, regardless of gender, who is interested in saunas.
You can come by yourself, with a friend or partner – or even in a small group. Our sauna enjoyment will happen with swimsuits and in small groups.

The retreat is also a wonderful gift for those interested in sauna culture and well-being.


Friday – A journey from the ordinary to a unique adventure
We start our weekend with a cleansing. We’ll leave everyday life behind and move into something completely unique. We’ll learn about the cleansing effects of water and salt – and enjoy salt treatments that cleanse the whole body and speed up metabolism.

Saturday – Journey from the material to the mind
Our day begins with a meditative, quiet morning sauna. You can enjoy your sauna in candlelight, with linen-covered benches and juniper-scented water for the sauna steam – and enjoy the perfect silence.
During the day, you’ll learn a lot about the sauna, our living cultural heritage and traditional healing methods, the sauna’s health effects and how you can treat yourself with a sauna.
In the evening, you can enjoy the gentle steam of the smoke sauna and try out various soil treatments. Over dinner, we’ll hear the story of Sahanlahti and indulge in a dinner of Saimaa Gastronomy at the Koskivahti restaurant.

Sunday ­– Journey from the worldly to the spiritual
We begin our day with outdoor activity and a quiet morning sauna. At the same time, we’ll explore sauna treatments that stimulate the mind and body.
After the refreshing treatments, we’ll gradually return to our everyday lives and end the weekend with a group brunch. Read more about the schedule details.


Starting from €445 / person

Includes accommodation in two-person rooms, program meals, sauna and sauna treatments.
Bed linens, towels and bathrobes are provided in each room.

Accommodation options:
One-person room – €60 / weekend
In the Sahankylä villa – €85 / person for two persons
In the Sahankylä villa – €170 / for one person

Additional nights:
In a shared two-person room – €80 / night
In the Sahankylä villa – €120 / night

Reservations: sales@sahanlahtiresort.fi

When you register, you will receive an invoice for €200 to confirm your booking. Closer to the event, Sahanlahti Resort will send an invoice for the remaining amount.
The retreat will take place if we have a minimum of 8 participants. If we do not get that many participants, we will reimburse you for the prepayment of €200. We plan to limit the number of participants to a maximum of 10.

Please come only if you are healthy. We want the retreat to be as personalized and safe for the participants as possible.


Terhi Ruutu is a Helsinki-based sauna therapist, founder of the Terhen Helsinki brand and author of the book Sauna Therapy – recipes for well-being.

“While studying sauna therapy, I realized how amazing the opportunities are to use the sauna as a ritual to increase our well-being and balance our daily lives. That’s why I want to bring these traditional health-enhancing treatments to everyone’s daily routines. Although they provide a cultural foundation, these traditions still need to be nurtured, implemented and renewed to be applicable to suit the current times. I believe in the healing power of being connected to nature, multisensory living and beauty. At their best, therapeutic experiences are also aesthetic experiences.”

Sahanlahti Resort is a unique and culturally historic saw mill environment on the banks of the Saimaa Lake in Puumala.
Sahanlahti is also the childhood home of the author Elsa Heporauta (1883–1960). A diverse cultural influencer, who shared her childhood memories in her books on Ursula Keivaara, was an open-minded, kind-hearted helper. Elsa is also known as the founder of Kalevala Women and Kalevala Jewelry.

Sahanlahti’s cuisine is known for using the raw ingredients produced in the area. You can taste the pure and nutritious flavors of the Saimaa region.
For breakfast, you can enjoy home-baked, traditional Karelian pastries, Kaartila malt pork bacon and overnight oven-baked organic barley porridge, among other local delicacies. Sahanlahti grinds all grains used themselves.
Sahanlahti was awarded the South Savo food tourism company in 2014.