Sauna evening at the Finnish Sauna Society 24.9.

20:00 - 23:00
The Finnish Sauna Society
For the members of the Terhen Sauna Community!

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A rare opportunity for Terhen Sauna Community members get to know The Finnish Sauna Society and the sauna house in Vaskiniemi

Welcome to the new and old members of Terhen Sauna Community to get to know the Finnish Sauna Society. During the evening we get to know different saunas, enjoy traditional sauna treatments and pampering in addition to taking a sauna. We are also discussing the sauna of the future and you can take part in the Sauna Therapy survey.

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Price information and instructions for bookings will be sent by e-mail to members of the Terhen Sauna community in the September 22 newsletter. You can join as a member here.

The Finnish Sauna Society

The Finnish Sauna Society is a non-profit association founded in 1937. The Finnish Sauna Society cherishes traditional, polite sauna practices based on respecting the peace of others. The society nurtures the sauna culture and strives to develop the Finnish sauna and promote research on it. The sauna club also shares information about the Finnish sauna and saunaing internationally.

The pulsating heart of the sauna club, Saunatalo, was completed in 1952 in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The sauna house in Vaskiniemi includes 3 smoke saunas, 3 outside heating saunas and an electric sauna.

There is also an atmospheric fireplace room in the sauna house, where our members can enjoy a little salty and refreshments.


Three seasonal sauna treatments. All treatments are done in the heat of the sauna.

The event features on-site trained sauna therapists who will guide you through the evening treatments. In connection with the sauna, you can get to know Terhene’s products and test the fermented and 100% natural skin care products of the Finnish Circulove brand.


Saturday 24.9. 20:00 – 23:00


Vaskiniementie 10, 00200 HELSINKI


All saunas, guided tour, tea and small snacks, three different sauna treatments during the evening as well as skin care products.

Bring shower shoes, a swimsuit and a bathrobe.

If the event cannot be arranged, the money will be refunded.