Women’s sauna evening at the Kulttuurisauna 12.9.

Vahvistuu Syyskuun alussa
Kulttuurisauna, Hakaniemenranta 17, Helsinki
Lisätietoa tapahtumasta saat syyskuun uutiskirjeessä!

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Terhen sauna treatments for the first time at Kulttuurisauna. Save the date!

Welcome new and old members of the Terhen Sauna Community to get to know Kulttuurisauna and our autumn treatments.

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Price information and instructions for booking a place will be sent by e-mail to members of the Terhen Sauna community in the September 22 newsletter. You can join as a member here.


Kulttuurisauna is Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi’s ecological design sauna in the sculptural architecture of Merihaka. The sauna building has a one-time stove heated with wood pellets, two steam rooms, a cafe, a cabinet and an office. Bathers can cool off either in the interior sofa areas, or on the lawn area in the yard, from which you can also swim in the sea. The environmentally friendly energy system is unusual, as the building is not connected to the district heating network at all. Among other things, heat is efficiently recovered from flue gases. The culture sauna is one of the projects of Helsinki’s design capital year 2012.

During the event, both saunas are used by women. There is also the possibility to enjoy a little snacks tea during the event.


Three seasonal sauna treatments. All treatments are done in the heat of the sauna.


Monday 12.9.22, the time will be specified at the beginning of September.


Hakaniemenranta 17 00530 Helsinki, Finland


Saunas, tea and snacks, three different sauna treatments and skin care products. If you wish, bring shower shoes and a bathrobe. Trained sauna therapists will be present at the event to guide you in sauna treatments.

If the event cannot be organized, the money will be returned.