Mama blessing sauna

from 490€ / 2h
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Mama blessing sauna is a loving ceremony

When the expectant mother and loved ones gather for a unique sauna experience, the atmosphere is warm, gentle and full of good relaxing energy. Sauna is decorated with cosy lightning, the scent of herbs and the warmth of the sauna create a safe space to bless the expectant mother for a new life. In the Mama blessing sauna, being together, encouragement and warm thoughts are more important than matter. During the ceremony, the expectant mother receives care and pampering.

The celebration of Mama blessing has been celebrated in transition rites with different cultural ideas, such as when a woman becomes a mother. It is inherited from different indigenous cultures, where at different stages of life, transitions are celebrated with different rituals.

The on-site sauna has a trained Sauna hostess from Terhen, who will guide you throughout the event. In a connection with the sauna, you will also get acquainted with Terhen’s sauna products and get to try the fermented and 100 % natural skin care products of the domestic Circulove.



UUSI SAUNA, Jätkäsaari 490 € tue-thu, 590 € fri-sat includes 8 person, extra persons  +65€/ person. Group size max 15 person 
Hotel Rantapuisto seaside sauna 660 €, includes 8 persons, extra persons +75€/ person. Group size max 15 person 
RUNO hotel Porvoo 590 €, includes 8 person, extra persons  +65€/ person. Group size max 15 person 

Note! Ask for a quote if you want the event to be held somewhere else.



Two-hour private sauna shift

Sauna decoration and decorated space for the expectant mother

Sauna treatments common to all participants: Foot bath and clay face masks

In addition, pampering treatments for the expectant mother: Full body wash, including hair wash and full body salted wrap with seasonal herbs

Sauna hostess guidance

Towels, seat covers

Sauna scent

Shampoos and shower soaps

Fermented skin care products

Herbal tea and snacks



In Hotel Rantapuisto there is an opportunity for swimming in the sea. UUSI SAUNA offers the opportunity to dip yourself in a cold pool.



Season wreath for expecting mother € 30.



No later than 14 working days before we charge a € 50 processing fee.

7–3 business days before we charge 50 % of the event price.

1–2 days before we charge 100 % of the event price.